Jul 17, 2020 - 2 min read - 1,716 views 

Making any Worksheet into a Digital and Shareable Worksheet. 2/4

I want to start by saying that there are MANY ways you can do this. I will likely bounce between using this digital conversion method and just converting my worksheets into Google Forms or Nearpods (See my tutorial on how to use google forms here). I know a lot of teachers use other great methods of making lessons digital and interactive. I have heard a lot of great things about using Kami for this if your county supports it! As with all of my tips in my blogs, do what works best for you!

To turn a worksheet into a digital and interactive format, you will be working in Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint. I prefer Slides, this for me is the simplest method for me to create, save, and share my work with my students. If you have Google Classroom and/or are a google district using other LMS platforms this will be SUPER EASY for you to share. If you teach in a Microsoft district like I do this gets a little trickier, but I have found some hacks that should still work. My 3rd post in this series will share all of those with you! P.S. I did a lot of looking into OneNote for implementing this and it is so cool, just not for me and my students at the moment. You may want to check OneNote out if you are a Microsoft district.

The basic premise behind this is taking a screenshot or saving an image of the document you want to share and then adding it as the background of your slide. You can do this with a single page document or a 100-page document, whatever you need. But, just make sure you save the image as the background for each individual slide and not for the whole presentation. The reason you want to set your worksheet as your background is that backgrounds cannot be moved or easily deleted so students can work in the slides without messing up the integrity of the worksheet. The tutorial will explain this a little better.

Once you have your worksheet set, you start adding in the interactive elements to fit your worksheet needs. This can be done in the form of text boxes for students to write in, drag and drop labels, pictures, etc.  Please watch this tutorial to help guide you through the process even more!