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How to Share your Digital Worksheet and Lessons. 3/4

So, I want to start this by saying everything I am typing out and showing you in this post is based on what I have tested myself so it should work when students use it. I did not have to do anything like this for quarter 4, so I am working on all of this for my future students and haven't been able to fully troubleshoot it yet. I am a Google Certified Educator and am pretty good at picking up technology for educators and watched a LOT of other tutorials on how others share their materials. These are a few of the methods for sharing I have found and look promising to implement with students, there are still others available.

Sharing your worksheets or digital Interactive Notebook (INB) (see next post) is going to look very different depending on the platform and LMS your county uses. If you are a Google county, it will be fairly simple to load into your Google Classroom for grading or to share in your other LMS's (see my post on different sharing options within Google). Google Classroom has features that allow you to assign and have students make a copy of your Google files and you immediately get grading access. Other LMS platforms like Canvas also have the ability to share files as assignments with your students and give you access for grading. I will show how to use the Canvas assignment option in my tutorial since that is what I have access to, but it is a similar process for all LMS's

If you are a Microsoft Office county, another easy way to share these assignments with your students would be through TEAMs. You can simply upload/attach the document to your Class Team. You will then need to teach your students how to save their own copy and then share that individual document with you. Once you walk them through this a few times it should be easy (knock on wood). You can also just have them set up a science folder in OneDrive and have them share that with you. You would need to teach your students how to save all their work into that folder. Once the folder is shared with you, you should be able to access the worksheets or digital INB anytime to provide feedback and grading. The process explained in this paragraph would be very similar to using Google Meet (instead of TEAMs) and Google Drive (instead of OneDrive).

If you have students that are technologically savvy and you want to learn a new awesome skill, I would highly recommend you look into OneNote. It is an extremely cool resource and has so many wonderful features for student interactive activities and notetaking. OneNote allows you to add documents and files to your classes and with all of your students whenever you want and they do not have to share any documents back with you for grading. It is also easily integrated into TEAMS which is very nice! Honestly, I want to use this, but it was just too much for me and would definitely be too much for my students.

I also highly recommend you use Google forms for some of your less interactive assignments and assessments like quizzes, reading comprehension, text analysis, etc. Converting some of your lesson materials to a Google Form is very convenient since it is SUPER easy to share and has password and auto-grading capabilities. You can see how all of that works in this post with a video tutorial.

I like to make things a bit more complicated for me to make things simpler for my students. I made an amazing Bitmoji classroom that also functions as my course website. I have it embedded into my canvas LMS homepage and I can easily share it with students and parents via email. If you want to see how that works I encourage you to go through my 6 part Bitmoji Virtual Classroom series starting with this first design post.

I am pretty much committed to streamlining my digital materials so that my students will only have to go to my Bitmoji Classroom/ Course webpage to access them. To do this I will be hyperlinking a direct URL to my digital INB or worksheets into my virtual classroom.  If you use Google you can use the URL link share settings Google offers, and it is simple. I would recommend the Force Copy share! My county is an Office county so to get the same results you just need to upload your PPT presentation into OneDrive. Then you change the "share" settings so that anybody with a link can view, copy, then insert that URL into your virtual classroom. I like to create my content in Google Drive so there is an easy way to convert Google slides presentations into PPT.  As stated above, to use this method of sharing you will have to teach your students how to save and reshare the files with you.

Please watch this tutorial video to see how access and work with these share options!