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A Beginners Guide for OneNote - Create, Share, and Grade your student's work in 1 place!

So I am not going to lie to you. I started this blog and tutorial simply because I saw others asking about OneNote for digital Interactive Notebooks and thought it would be helpful to my digital INB series. I saw that a lot of people LOVED OneNote, but I was honestly not impressed. Being a Google teacher living in a Microsoft district there are a lot of things I do not like but have to learn and adjust to, OneNote is one of those things that I am now glad I didn't give up on. I figured I would learn this app to see what all the hype was about and share out, but probably not use it. After a few days of playing and getting more comfortable with the program, I changed my mind. This is a wonderful tool that has no comparison in Google Apps (yet) and I believe it to be a powerful learning tool for both teachers and students in this new age of digital learning.

Just a warning, in my opinion, there is a steep learning curve to this platform. As a Google girl adjusting back to the MS features was a bit challenging at first. Ultimately I think that watching a few tutorials like mine shown below and just playing with the program will be well worth your time. I am sorry this video is my longest yet, but I go through SOOOO many features that I think it should be worth your time.

Now that you saw the how-to tutorial I am going to break down a few of my big pros and cons of this program. The cons are what made me question its practicality with students and be hesitant to utilize it, but I think the pros may outweigh the cons and I will likely be trying to implement this platform for the upcoming 2020 school year of chaos. Of course, you should decide what will work best for you and your students.


  • Integrated within TEAMS

  • Allows for grading of student work pages and assignments

  • Allows students to draw and or type in their work

  • Can be used as a digital INB

  • Allows teachers to create and then push out content to classes as needed.

  • You can push out the same material to multiple classes you have created in TEAMS and do not have to recreate it for each one.

  • Has the most AMAZING student accommodations for text, reading, and math. Which makes it a great tool for our ESE, ELL, or SWD populations.

  • I was able to integrate my Virtual Bitmoji Classroom into mine (kind of a hack but it works) so my students will see the same virtual classroom webpage on TEAMS and Canvas.

  • I have heard that it integrated well with other LMS's but I haven't figured that one out yet.

  • Has a built-in collaboration space.

  • Has a neat research feature which is pretty helpful for projects.

  • You can integrate MS forms for assessments.

  • You can see students do their work live and assist wherever you want.

  • I have not found any other method of digital work distribution and student tools that compares.


  • Not intuitive and has a learning curve. It looks really overwhelming on the teacher side at first and was a big reason why I was hesitant to get started.

  • You cannot see the student version of the notebook unless you can add yourself as a student which I could not do. This for me makes it VERY difficult to determine how it looks for my students and decide if it will be user friendly for them.

  • Once you push out a content page to students you cannot edit it.

  • The OneNote platforms look different in the various versions and have slightly different tools (TEAMS, Online, or Windows 10 App Version) which is not ideal for me or my students.

  • Students will need some help figuring out the tools at first, like I said, not really fully intuitive.

I hope you enjoyed this look into using MS OneNote. There are so many options for creating and sharing content in this new age of education, I hope you find whatever method will work best for you and your students!

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