Jun 28, 2020 - 2 min read - 3,257 views

Making your Bitmoji Virtual Classroom into a "Website" 5/6

If you read my last blog posts in this series you have already learned how to create and share your Bitmoji Virtual Classroom(s). This post is the 5th in my Bitmoji Virtual Classroom series and is all about turning your virtual Bitmoji Virtual Classroom into a "website". If you are already familiar with how to do this you may want to move on to the last post in this series. I have them all posted and linked at the bottom of this page.

Remember that most of what I know and am sharing about Bitmoji classrooms came from generous and talented educators on the Bitmoji Craze for Educators Page on Facebook. Be sure to join and see the amazing content being shared there!

Even though you can share your presentation in preview mode and it looks like a website, it isn't, it is still just a link to a presentation. There are some things you can't do unless you have a published to the web URL. The way you get your slides published is by going to the file tab and scrolling down to where you see the option to publish to the web. A pop-up box will open up and you have some options to click. It is technically still publishing a slide show presentation, so unless you have all of your slides (except your homepage) hidden (see the previous post), after a certain amount of time the webpage will move your slide show forward. If you don't hide your slide, click to make the "1-minute" timing option and that automatic transitioning will be less of an issue. 

The reason you would want a published presentation is that once you publish it, you can copy and paste the embed code which can be used to integrate your presentation into a number of other websites like I did below or in your school's LMS (see my next post).

You can change the embed code around a bit to change the dimensions of the presentation to fit your page. The main edit to the code I would make is this, it will remove the navigation menu from the bottom of the page.

Find the part of the code that looks like this, the 3000 number may change based on the slide timer setting you select when creating the published HTML code:


and change it to this: