Jun 28, 2020 - 2 min read - 13,444 views 

Embedding your Bitmoji Virtual Classroom into your LMS - Canvas 6/6

If you read my last blog posts in this series you have already learned how to create and share your Bitmoji Virtual Classroom(s) and turn it into a "Website". This post is the last one (for now) in my Bitmoji Virtual Classroom series and is all about actually adding your Bitmoji Virtual Classroom into your school LMS, specifically Canvas. 

Remember that most of what I know and am sharing about Bitmoji classrooms came from generous and talented educators on the Bitmoji Craze for Educators Page on Facebook. Be sure to join and see the amazing content being shared there!

Depending on what LMS your school uses you may have to figure out new ways to integrate your HTML Bitmoji Virtual Classroom code into your platform. The good news is that there are a LOT of resources on how to do that online, they are shared all the time in the Bitmoji Craze for educators Facebook group and secondary groups specific to your LMS (Canvas, Schoology, Google Classroom, etc) have popped up to help teachers on all platforms.

My county uses Canvas at the moment so this quick tutorial video shows how to insert the HTML code into my homepage to make it so I never have to navigate through canvas again!

So if you want to remove the menu bar on the bottom of your classroom as I showed in the video, here is the section of code you change. The 3000 number could change in your code based on the publish options you selected when creating the HTML.

=false&delayms=3000" to =false&delayms=3000&rm=minimal"