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Using OneNote and TEAM's - Assign and Grade Student Work All Within TEAMS

My county has graciously been able to allow teachers to have 3 weeks of preplanning this year (2020). Since I went back to work on Tuesday I have been able to show others how to use OneNote and with their help, set up fake classes/TEAMS to troubleshoot problems (Thank you, Mrs. Crain). So I have a few extra tips and tricks I wanted to share with you to build upon my original blog "A Beginners Guide for OneNote - Create, Share, and Grade your student's work in 1 place!".

Most of the tutorial will show you how to best distribute your teacher pages to students and incorporate the integrated assignment feature within TEAMS so that you can easily assign and grade assignments. There were a few quirks that I had to work out to make it all work, so please watch and learn them so you won't have to go through as much trial and error on your end.

Tips outlined in the video:

  • If possible # the pages of your OneNote sections to make it easier to sort if you mass distribute (If you distribute more than 1 page to students they will distribute in the completion order, not necessarily the order you have them organized).

  • If you do distribute multiple pages or a whole section, any subpages will not be transferred as subpages.

  • Use the content library for read-only resources. It is simpler for students to access the immersive reader feature.

  • Distribute pages in the order you want your students to see them in their notebooks.

  • Any pages that you want to make graded assignments do not distribute them from the Class Notebook, add them as a page as an assignment. This will make sure those pages are not listed twice in your student's notebooks.

  • Creating TEAMS assignment:

  • You can easily make ppt, docs, OneNote pages, and URLs into assignments.

  • You can attach rubrics.

  • You can set due dates, close dates, and schedule assignment dates.

  • You can assign to individual students, or whole teams (including other TEAMS).

  • You can decide if you want that assignment to be assigned to be students that join your TEAM after the assignment date.

  • Once you create an assignment or rubric you can add it to any other TEAM you have without having to re-enter any of the information.

  • If you add a co-teacher to your TEAM they will also be able to assign that class notebook and the same assignments to their specific TEAMS.


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