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 Foster Your Students Creativity - Daily

If you are reading this you are probably interested in applying Interactive Notebooks (INB's) to your classroom. Well, one of my absolute favorite things about INB's is that the way I set them up forces me to think about fun and creative short assignments/projects. These are completed on my student's output pages (all of the left side pages) in their INB's. Output pages are designed to engage students "right-brain" and allow students to synthesize the content you just taught them. Most assignments should take 10-15 minutes of student work time and are assigned immediately after the direct instruction of the target concept. In my class, I rarely give homework assignments, but students are expected to complete these pages at home if they need extra time. All of these pages will be graded at the end of the unit so that saves me time too. Occasionally I will spot grade to check progress and these are super fun to use for quick Pair-Share or Inside/Outside circle collaboration.

For every notes page in my student's INB there is a complementary and adjacent output page. Output pages can come in a variety of forms. The 2 things I require, aside from the completed activity, are a title to help with organization and purposeful and constructive color.

Just like I said in my INB guide, there is no 1 right way to assign or use output pages. Do what works best for you and your students. If a less creative practice worksheet works better for your timing and student goals than a bright and colorful acrostic poem, that is okay! Have fun designing your output pages to enhance your instruction and increase student learning and engagement however that may be.

INB Output Page Examples

These are just a few output page examples that I love and use. There are SOOOOO many different ideas and templates available for you to use. This is where a lot of teachers can utilize the really cool foldables they find/buy too. Remember that glue sponges will help your sanity if you chose to pick output pages involving pasting items.

No printing, cutting, and gluing output page ideas:

Printing but minimal cutting or pasting

For these, I just print out 2 to a page and cut down the center using my paper trimmer. Easy peasy! If the pages are double sides there are creative ways you can insert a "glue here" box on the bottom or side of the back of the paper so that students can flip it back and forth... think sticky note. Consider looking at my glue sponge post to make any type of gluing easier!


You have probably seen a lot of these if you looked up INB's on Pinterest or Teachers Pay Teachers. They are soooo cool, and I have tried a few. They work really well for the right group of students and with the right amount of time. These often involve a lot of cutting and gluing and students that can follow directions. My advice is if you find one you love, use it, but I wouldn't plan to use these style of output pages frequently.

As with everything try to use a variety of different output pages to keep students always guessing what fun enrichment activity they will be doing next. I also recommend providing students with 2-3 options on some of the pages. I will often say you can write a song, create a meme, or a creative story to appeal to the variety of learners you have in your classroom!