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Amazon - Science Fun

If you are anything like me, I find myself searching Amazon for deals on new education products and classroom resources all the time. Below are the things I have acquired over the years. I will separate them out into Must Haves, Classroom Extras, and Science Fun categories to help you search for new purchases based on where you are in teaching!

My Science Classroom Fun Stuff

These are items that I LOVE to have to make my classroom extra nerdy and even more fun!!

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If you teach anything about heat then you must invest in a Lava lamp. Even if you don't, you should still get one because they are cool to watch and help set a fun atmosphere in your space. I use my lava lamp to demonstrate the different types of heat transfer every year. You would be surprised by how many students have no clue how these work! Just keep it in a safe and sturdy location because they get hot and if they fall and break the wax is super difficult to clean up. 

Classroom Weather Station - Color Wireless Forecast Station 

These are fun to help students understand of components of weather and the difference between weather and climate. I can imagine some really great long term weather graphing projects with this easily available weather data tool. They are also WAY cheaper than when I bought mine so bonus! 

At $10 a set, these are great if you are tired of replacing the accidental breakage. The graduated cylinders are the biggest offenders of gravity caused breakage so I only bought those. I wish I saw this set though because it looks WAY better! 

Laser Thermometer - Infrared Thermometer 

This is easy to use and really accurate when taking measurements of for things like testing solar ovens, the albedo effect (foil, white, and black paper under a light source), and ocean versus land heat absorption (water and sand/soil in beaker). 

These are so beautiful. They are smaller than the huge foam or plastic ones you see available from science supply stores but I love the details on these. There is also the added bonus that the organelles are removable!! Just be careful because that means they can also be lost easily. I cut out and laminated the back of the box with the labeled picture too! 

Virus Cell Model - CELL MODEL - VIRUS 

These are adorable but it does not hold together very well and the pieces fall off frequently. That makes it less ideal for passing around to students and more suited for fun educational classroom decor. 

Bacteria Cell Model - Ein-O Science BioSigns Bacteria 

I love using this along with my eukaryotic cell models to really enforce the major differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. 

Super fun and pretty large. This helps a lot with identifying the cell organelles. 

This always captures the eye of my students and act as a beautiful paperweight if needed. I love having this on my desk as a decorative feature. 

I have not taught Chemistry since I bought these, but they are beautiful and so great to have and pull out when a student asks about a specific element! If I ever have a nice long wall and teach chemistry units again I will likely be laminating these and displaying them as a JUMBO and visual periodic table of elements.  

This is cute and its a pretty good display size. It isn't the DNA model you can see at Sheldon's apartment in the Big Bang Theory (so cool), but it has all the vital teaching components. It isn't too difficult to put together. It spins and visually shows the base pair combinations. 

Disarticulated Skeleton - Disarticulated Human Skeleton 

Most classrooms or schools have Mr. Bones the articulated skeletons available, but this brings learning about the skeletal system to a whole other level. I convinced my husband to get this for me for Christmas and it is AWESOME. You should see the look on my student's faces when I had my bones laid out in anatomical position on a lab table one day! HAHA teacher win! 

You can get these custom made for a little bit more, but I love this one and its price tag. Self-inking is definitely the way to go for stamps by the way!

These are my science is fun items Check out my other amazon categories: Classroom Must Haves and Classroom Extras!