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7+ Years of Teaching

6th - 8th Grade Science

3 New Schools 

3 Different Counties

 2 States (FL and HI)

Countless Learning Opportunities


Get to know who is behind the chaos!

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First, thank you for spending time to explore my website and blog. I was always very nervous about doing one of these because there are already so many great resources out there. Now that I started this, I am thrilled that I created my own place to share my teaching tips and resources I have picked up with other educators. We all know we need each other to survive in this profession.​ 

I am a mommy to the most adorable and sassy 2-year-old. She definitely keeps my husband and I very busy. My husband is in the Navy and going to school for mechanical engineering Graduating in 2021! Woo Hoo!! Due to his military work, we have been blessed to move to new places and explore the world together. Unfortunately, that means I often find myself having to start from scratch in new schools and counties. If you have ever had to move schools you may understand how difficult this is cycle is. No matter how much experience you have people consider you the newbie and it's a daunting and sometimes frustrating task to constantly try and reestablish yourself.

As someone who always strives to find the good in things, I see our crazy nomadic life as a gift to many enriching experiences, most of which have benefited my career in education. I have gotten so many opportunities to learn a variety of different pedagogical techniques, attended countless Professional Development (PD) sessions (most by choice), and met a wide array of fabulous educators. Each of these interactions and PD's has allowed me to develop my teaching style even further and meet some fabulous people along the way. Sometimes I wish I had a year of just doing the same thing again, but with so many new things I learn, how could I? 

The goal of this blog is to share my acquired knowledge with others and organize my constant stream of thoughts in one place! I hope you enjoy it. Happy reading!

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